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Welcome home

We truly hope you enjoy your time spent here. The information below may add a little more comfort to your stay.

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Leaf Pattern Design

Compass Point Amenities

Algiers Point - Canal Street Ferry

The Ferry runs 365 days a year barring anything above tropical storm-force winds (35-39mph.) It leaves our side of the river on the hour and half hour, and leaves the Canal side on the quarters, :15 and :45.

It costs $2 per trip; exact change only. During holidays, they'll extend the hours. You can also purchase tickets on the app, which has the holiday schedule as well.

Ferry schedule

Parking information

Parking is permitted along Eliza Street, at the end of Opelousas Avenue, and along Brooklyn Street. Perpendicular against the fence is best for a big crowd.

Please be sure not to block any driveways or gates, as you may be towed by the homeowners.

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