At Compass Point Events, your dreams become reality!

Magical backdrops, room for friends and family to stay, and delicious southern-style catering.

We're here to help you have the time of your life!

We can't wait to have you!

Compass Point is a setting you and your guests will always remember, and we are a one-stop shop for your dream wedding.

  • Scrumptious on-site catering mirroring New Orleans’ commitment to fine dining

  • Gorgeous flower arrangements creatively designed by the owner, a licensed florist for three decades

  • Plenty of room for your guests to stay at the end of the evening inside our inviting and comfortable Antebellum cottages.

  • Large dance floor under chandeliers, two hundred-year-old oaks, and hanging, frosted lights.

  • 30+ years of wedding planning experience makes sure your night goes exactly to plan, and according to your requests and reservations.

Its a gorgeous, romantic atmosphere that’s the perfect setting for your special occasion.


Call today for a personalized champagne tour!

This website was created with works by photographers on our Reputable Vendors page. They know the venue up & down, and can provide stunning pictures capturing the essence of your event. Compass Point has years of experience; we are pleased to highlight friends who help us make your day more special. This page features a background image by Amber DeJean, and Darryl Schmitt and John Alwert in the slideshows above & below.

Works by Darryl Schmitt Photography

Works by John Alwert Photography

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